How people look at other is disgusting!


I have no intention nor thinking to discuss it at all, but recently, i saw comments from netizen in social media. It is a picture of a student in Angkot (Indonesia’s Public Transportation), reading a Quran. Everything was fine to me unless the comment section, most of the netizen are bragging that the kid is doing what we called Pencitraan in Indonesia. Or mostly known as Imaging or Personal-branding, but a little bit different from it.

The Definition of Pencitraan in the context of political, according to Indonesia Dictionary says that Pencitraan (politics) means a self-image to be created by a politician or a leader (gambaran diri yang ingin diciptakan oleh seorang tokoh masyarakat). Therefore, on the wider context, anyone who has intention of creating a good image of him/her/apacheself (Yes it’s a joke, pls laugh) is doing a Pencitraan (Imaging).

Public Suspicion

Is it wrong to do something good?

Sadly, seems like the society’s mindset about Pencitraan has changed. As many of you might aware of it, anyone who does good thing is called Pencitraan for no reason. It’s like someone nice has gone and anyone who does good thing is just a bad person creating a good image from himself. I felt it myself on the class or bus, whenever i read something, anyone else is having cynical-look on me and think like “urgh, what an arrogant nerd” at me.

Seriously, what is wrong with those people? It’s a pity to have those mindset. The world needs more good people and by saying Pencitraan to every good person is not helping. Sooner or later, people would lost their interest on doing good thing because someone else keep calling them Pencitraan. We need to stop this.

Each and every person is playing an important role to stop this. Start with yourself, imagine if you do something good with no intention of Pencitraan, but people keep calling you Pencitraan. What would you feel? Offended right? So think twice before you call someone else Pencitraan. Even though you think so, keep it to yourself because you have no idea someone’s else real intention. Please note that i’m not blaming any individual in this writing, it’s just pure opinion of mine. So… think about what you’ve read, okay?

Credit to Google Image and KBBI Online

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