Game Adolescent Shouldn’t Play!


-Game Adolescent Shouldn’t Play!-

Recently, my account of social media is keep talking about this thing called Skip Challange. I believe yours too. This phenomenon is currently become a trending on Indonesian Student. As The Independent reported, this challange actually already became a thing since 2005, with the name of Choking Game. As a matter of fact, the game itself actually has been going on for more than 20 years with different names. According to, a site that has been fighting over this game, explained that ‘Choking Game is not a game at all—just an act of suffocating on purpose’. Which i agree on this at all point. We can’t even call this a challange.

Earlier this year, this game was coming to Indonesia, which i have no idea why and how. It’s like any viral trend is something that must be followed to Indonesian. Erenow, mannequin challange which is viral globally where people become immobile like a mannequin. Personally, i can’t find any intention behind this challange and people seems like doing it just for fun. But it doesn’t matter to me, as it harmless. As long as you didn’t disturb anyone else.

Yet, this Skip Challange is different. Eventhough you are not disturbing someone else directly, those thing you did is a ‘cancer’ to the society. Even more, those who did this challange is mostly teenager. Know this kid, this “game” is very injurious because when you depress the chest, you’re inhibits your friend’s respiratory path deliberately. And what happens when someone can’t breathe? A lot of dangerous thing could happen. But the very first thing is of course your friend would be lack of oxygen. Your body does a bad thing when it doesn’t get the oxygen it needed.

When the chest is pressed powerfully, The Great Vessels will be depressed and impedes the flow of Oxygenated Blood to the brain. Which will cause seizures and fainting. This inhibition of oxygen to the brain is called Hypoxic-Anoxic Brain Injury. When the pressure released, oxygenated blood that was blocked up floods the brain all at once causes a warm and fuzzy feeling. A greater threat is also exist from this challange.

As mentioned before that the majority who is into this challange is adolescent, the role of parent is playing important part. Those teenager is highly impressionable. They are looking for challange and something different. A tendency to do something dangerous. Once a phenomenon appear in front of them, they could drowned on it. Lower the bad influence from friends and environment is also significant to prevent teenager from doing stupid thing like this skip challange. Finally, my advice: Be smart and #StopBego. LOL JK. But i’m serious about ‘be smart’, you can’t just swallow raw meat. And be selective.

Credit: Google Image and CNN Indonesia.

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