An Absurdly Interesting Visit to Riau Pos Group!

Just today, me and my college mates made a visit to Graha Pena Building in Jl. H.R Soebrantas, Panam. Graha Pena is a multi-function office building with several companies inside. We were visiting the main company, or perhaps.. the owner of the building: Riau Pos. Well, it’s a very well known as the biggest newspaper across Riau Province though. Riau Pos Newspaper is part of the Riau Pos Group which connected to the JPNN (Jawa Pos National Network) with Graha Pena as the famous name of their building across the country.

The visit was actually initiated by the lecturer of a subject, namely Produksi Media Public Relation (Media Production of PR). At the very first time she initiated the visit, i was so confuse as i can’t find the connection between our subject and the media visit. I thought the main goal of the subject is to create a PR-based product. But since she asked, as a student and the class leader, I needed to arrange the media visit and it was so hard and tiring. I need to adjust three side’s schedule: Lecturer, Students, and the Media. I had to talk to the student first to decide the day. We did a voting on the group chat, decided the day, and then i had to report it to the lecturer, make sure that her schedule was empty on the day chosen. Finally, i passed the decision to the Media to make sure that they were available to accept our visit on the chosen date and time. There were time like one party can’t agree to the day chosen and i had to rearrange everything from the beginning. HHHHH

We made a deal eventually to visit on May 16th, 2019. We were welcomed by the General Manager of Riau Pos, Mr. Ade and he took us to the large meeting room since there are plenty of us (around 50-60 students). The discussion begun with the opening speech by our lecturer. Followed by the main session that is discussion. Mr. Ade as the representative of Riau Pos Group gave us a description about how media works, reporters, relation between media and company, and a lot more. There are also a Q&A session where the students asked questions related to the discussed topic.

It was a really great visit eventually. Riau Pos were very open and we were so thankful for their hospitality toward us. We learned so much about journalism and related topic and even they offered us to work as their intern journalist. The visit ended with the photo session.


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