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Nerdy Talky

Who am i?

“Describe about yourself?” hmm, to be honest and i bet everyone agree, this is like the hardest question ever, to answer by yourself. How come? Think about it, i would like to reply it by answering such “I’m a smart, nerdy, gamer, rich, dreamin’ boy” but then, you negative-minded people will be like “What an arrogant piece of sht” or “What a BS” (Even tho’ that is actually a BS lol). Got the real point? no? go away then, this site is too hard for you. lol JK. Going on… and because of that reason, I’m just callin my self a judge, why? to be honest, i love judging other people.. in my mind of course! That’s a simple way to describe myself. Once our relation become closer, you’ll also find out that i’m a weird, crazy, and ‘blak-blakan’ (bluntly) type of guy.

Why do you create this blog?

The only reason this blog exist is because i love judging, reading, and writing at the same time. Of course, my point of view on judging is not only by how it looks like, but till the inside of it. If i play my card right, this blog will contain writings about writing. Could be book, or any story, article, news, whatever. But yeah, because its my blog, anything could be on it.

Get in touch!

If you are interested to get in touch with me, visit my contact page or simply chat me on Line: hafizrmn ! Can’t wait to have another friend from another place (not another dimension haha). Thank you!


Semua Review-review gue disini bukan bersifat kritik tanpa alasan. Gue gak pengen kalian penulis kalau baca kritik gue di review terus mikir gini “Lu bisanya kritik doang, coba lu buat deh kalo gampang”, nahloh, kacau jadinya. Jadi maksud gue kritik itukan supaya kalian bisa mengembangkan lagi bakat kalian dengan memperbaiki nya gitu. Hehe Semua review disini itu murni pendapat pribadi gue, kalo emang buku itu menurut gue bagus, ya gue buat bagus, kalo emang gak, ya gue buat gak bagus. Jadi harap maklum yah!

Rating setiap review gue itu adalah 1 sampai 5, mulai dari 1 yang paling jelek, sampai 5 yang paling bagus. Gue emang cuma reviewer amatiran sih, tapi kali aja ada yang nawarin buku gitu, bisa contact gue kok, gue open buat kalian para penulis. #ngarep haha 😀 Genre buku yang gue review itu biasanya thriller dan horror, but sometime, gue juga bakal review buku-buku comedy dan romance. Tergantung mood. Oh iya, kadang-kadang gue nyebut buku itu novel dan nyebut novel itu buku, tergantung tangan gue yang ngetik lah ya. Tolong dimaklumi juga. hehe

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